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Anxiety about side effects



New member
Jun 27, 2022
The less you know, the better you sleep. My doctor prescribed me ozempic for weight normalization. But I went online and for some reason started reading ozempic weight loss forums. I am amazed by the number of side effects and now I am afraid to take the medication. I am especially afraid of vomiting and insomnia. I am not sure that weight loss is worth such sacrifices. But the prospect of depression is not pleasing either. I have poor health and anxiety keeps me awake. There is also a clear predisposition to depressive disorders. I often have a bad mood. And as you can see, there is a slight anxiety disorder)). Of course, it did not come to medication treatment, but sometimes there were depressions of moderate severity. I lie and think about whether to start treatment. I think I have a lot of risks. I write here in the hope that I will be at least a little calmed down. Please share! I appeal to those who have taken Ozempic. Your reviews will help me make the right decision. Basically, I am interested in five questions. How long have you been taking the medication? How long does it last (ozempic side effects)? Have you had many side effects? Can I combine alcohol and ozempic? How did you survive the treatment and generally rate the result?


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Hi dear MyShadow!

Losing weight with ozempic can be challenging for some people. It's true. But it is also true that some feel almost no change. Your body will need time to get used to the drug's effect. Then, the unpleasant effects disappear. But every organism is unique, and you must be prepared for everything! I had a headache for a few days; also, I could not sleep at first. I was constantly thirsty. I endured all these side effects for a week. Then it became much easier. I knew I had to hold on for the result. Only your doctor could assess the potential side effects in your case. I believe that if you are prescribed Ozempic, then you should trust a specialist. Believe in the best!