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Wegovy vs ozempic



New member
Jul 4, 2022
Hi everyone! My doctor prescribed me Ozempic, and I started to google info about it. I prefer to research the topic myself before I put drugs in my body. Of course, my doctor told me all I should know, but one thing escaped my attention. Is wegovy the same as ozempic?

Google says the drugs have one active substance. Both meds are basically injectable semaglutide. Can someone tell me what the difference between the drugs is? They also say on the Internet that Ozempic is for diabetes and wegovy – for weight loss.

The thing is, I’m overweight, and I don’t suffer from diabetes. My aim is to drop 30 pounds and fight binge eating. So appetite suppression is the primary effect I’m interested in. But I’m prescribed Ozempic for weight loss, not wegovy. It’s really, very, very weird. According to the information I found, I need to change the drug. Should I buy Wegovy if I want to lose weight and I don’t have diabetes? I have one more guess. Probably my doc wanted to prescribe me a mild dose, and from this point of view, Ozempic seems better. Wegovy is stronger, and the highest dose is 2,4 mg.

I’ve already asked my doc Wegovy vs ozempic question, but he hasn’t got my message yet. So I decided to ask you, people, too. The many answers, the better.


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Hi, Anais!
It is commendable that you yourself study the information and try to find answers on your own. But I still believe that it is better to listen to the doctor. As for your main question (Is wegovy the same as ozempic?), you indicated it all correctly. Both drugs have the same active substance. The main difference is the dosage. Wegovy offers larger doses. I can only guess why your doctor prescribed Ozempic. Probably he wants to go slow and try lesser doses first. I think you should ask your doctor all the questions you wrote here. Real professionals should explain to patients everything they are interested in. Take care, darling!