The shortest of Ozempic success stories but not the worst one!



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Jun 29, 2022
Hi everyone, I'd like to share my story here, in case it might help someone.
Ok so, on the 23rd of May, when I first began taking Ozempic, my weight was 180; now, on the 28th of this month, I weigh 162! :D As a vocalist, eating sugar-free gum helps keep my mouth wet during the performance. Therefore I recommend it to anybody who struggles with dry mouth. Please drink a lot of water since this will alleviate some discomfort and make you shed pounds faster. It's one of the most helpful tips for taking ozempic. One more is to form healthy habits while you take the drug. If you succeed, you won't gain the weight back after you stop taking Ozempic. The workout routine is a must. Just walking doesn't count. For example, I bought a season ticket to the pool to go there at least twice a week. Now a few words about the drug's effect on me. Usually, the appetite suppressing effect is so hard that I have to force myself to eat something. Sometimes I eat once a day. I don't have any trouble falling or staying asleep at night. I exercise every other day but still can't give up on my fav cakes and ice cream. So far, I've lost 18 pounds. I am really pleased! I will continue my weight-loss journey, but it already deserves to be in ozempic success stories.
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