Side effects from Ozempic: sharing my experience.



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Jul 4, 2022
Hi there,
It's only my first day on the drug, and I already know what are the side effects of Ozempic. I will tell you about my experience in detail. But I must say that it coped with the task of suppressing my appetite to a total of 0. It was 100% successful in that regard since I have not had a single pang of hunger in the eight hours that have passed since breakfast. But is it worth such suffering? I don't have my answer yet. Day 1 has already brought me lots of discomforts. Nearly 30 mins after the injection, there was a flavour that I could detect on my tongue, but it wasn't a terrible flavour. After taking the dose, I experienced feeling more like a hangover the following day. I sometimes felt lightheaded, and my nerves were a little on edge. In the middle of the day, around two hours after the first dose, I had another strong surge, followed by dizziness and a nausea. As I write this, I am still experiencing the dizzying effects reminding me of what I usually have during a hangover. Now I know why Ozempic and alcohol are not compatible. You don't need alcohol to feel dizzy while on Ozempic. Actually, I'm writing this only to share. I don't have any questions cause I know it's too soon to draw conclusions. I'll give my body some time to get used to this drug. Wish me luck.