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Please tell me how Ozempic works



New member
Jun 24, 2022
I have been trying to lose weight for a long time. Neither diet nor intermittent fasting helps. About a year of everyday efforts passed for nothing. And I’m very hurt. Maybe the problem is my sedentary lifestyle. Or I limit myself not enough. Deprivation has not given any results. I would really like to train more. But I can not actively engage in sports due to a knee injury. The only exercise I can afford is walking. But it’s not enough to lose weight!! I understand that my only chance to lose weight is to try ozempic. My doctor recommends this drug. But I’m a little scared. The doctor said I’d have an aversion to junk food and wouldn’t want to overeat myself. My body will not allow me to poison myself and gain weight. However, I still do not understand how does ozempic help you lose weight? I will not taste the food at all and will not want to eat it? But how will I live my normal life? I still need food and energy. I wouldn’t want that. I like to taste. And one more question. I'm intersted in ozempic injection sites. Please share your experience.


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Hello Hollystaff!
I understand your fears. I also was scared at the beginning of the treatment. What does ozempic do is suppressing your appetite. If you used to eat a whole portion, then after taking the drug, you will be able to finish only a half. Each person has a different effect. For example, I ate twice a day instead of the usual four times. The taste of food feels the same, do not worry about it. But the taste of fast food and sweets is getting kind of gross. As if the body understands that it is harmful and refuses to take such food. Good luck!