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Ozempic review, you deserve



New member
Oct 17, 2022
I think that all Ozempic weight loss stories and reviews should start with the following.
To lose weight, you should eat less and change your daily routine. Ozempic only suppresses your appetite for a while and makes this struggle a bit easier.

My normal weight is 80 kg; after depression, I "increased" to 166 kg. Then the reversal effect. It went from 165 kg to 125 kg and then, after days in the hospital, to 108. No medication helped me. But Ozempic gave me a chance to control my cravings. The rest I've made myself. I decided that I didn't want to live like this anymore.
I've started to work out a minimum of 20 mins every other day, and in 3 months, I've reached the point when I can do exercises for an hour without feeling tired. The Ozempic's principal weight-loss benefit is that it makes meals seem to be something other than what it is. The result is a decrease in appetite, altered taste preferences, and indigestion. A lack of awareness and continued eating habits will result in little weight loss. Nonetheless, you must allow the medication some time to take effect.

I'm 100% satisfied with my Ozempic weight loss results. Now I feel very well and have very good diabetes values.