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Ozempic review 2022: mixed impressions



New member
Oct 17, 2022
This is my first Ozempic review, so please don’t be too judgy)). The acquaintance with ozempic took place at the insistence of my endocrinologist-the smartest specialist, professor, and scientist. I’ve been suffering from my diabetes for about 13 years. I have type 2, but I have not managed to cope with sugar or any drugs, and for the last 9 years, I have had insulin. However, I didn’t even have the perfect sugar combination on it. And then last year, at one of my appointments, my doctor suggested trying ozempic.

He said it normalizes sugar in most patients. I have an abiding faith in the experience and qualifications of my physician. So I passed all the tests and, from November 2022, began to take the diabetic medication Ozempic. It was unbelievable! Sugars have stuffed on normal marks, glycated haemoglobin (diabetics will understand what I mean)-6.4. Weight drops, no appetite. If you are interested in my Ozempic weight loss results, I lost 15 kg. I was happy. But in December, I felt bad calls from the intestine, which was 100% new. I went for tests - and hello-dysbacteriosis. Then I did not associate it with ozempic in any way. I was cured; everything was fortunately resolved. But I still have doubts; probably it was one of the ozempic side effects.