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Ozempic Newbie



New member
Oct 12, 2022
Hi, everyone!

I just took my second dose of Ozempic .25 mg on Sunday, and within a couple hours I began to experience my heart fluttering. I've been keeping track of my blood pressure, heart rate, and sugar levels and all are normal, but I occasionally feel a palpitation. I am on metformin for pre-diabetes, lipitor for cholesterol, and blood pressure meds, all of which I have been taking for some time now. The Ozempic would be the only new medicine introduced to my body. I called my doctor and she told me to refrain from drinking caffeine and increase my water. Anyone else experience this with the medicine?


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Hi mrsyost16

It is possible that Ozempic caused some palpitations, however, your GP was right - cut off caffeine and drink more water and you should be fine, plus I heard people taking magnesium to normalize their heart rate. Still, I recommend you ask your doc about it as well, since you are already taking quite a bunch of medications. Please keep us posted about your progress.