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Ozempic newbie concerned about dosage



New member
Jun 21, 2022
Hello. My story is banal - after menopause, I suddenly began to gain weight. And from 60 kilograms it has already reached 80. There are too few estrogens in my body to keep my weight up and live a normal life. Oh… the joys of aging. Because of the extra 20 kilos, I suffer from shortness of breath and sweating. I tried different diets and starved but did not get the desired effect. I wouldn’t say I liked sports when I was young, so every workout I do is a nightmare for me. I only like to walk, but it never gives a weight loss effect. At some point, I was desperate and thought there was no way out.. .But I shared my problem with a colleague at work. She told me about Ozempic. She did not take this medication, but before her eyes, her sister lost 30 kg in just three months. I would very much like to repeat this success. So far, I’m just at the beginning of the study and collecting information about the drug. I hope that knowledgeable people will help me to clarify some points. I plan to use Ozempic for weight loss. But I do not know how much drug is needed for the first time? I rely on you, ozempic weight loss forum!! I start with a dosage of 0.25. Please tell me how much drug is needed per month? Anyone?


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Hi, KatieJane welcome to the Ozempforum!

If the dosage is 0.25, injection pens for a single dose of 0.25 mg are probably the best for you. The injection of Ozempic medication is given once a week, on the same day, preferably at the same time. Next, count yourself. You need four for a month. If you plan to be treated for a long time, you would like pre-filled disposable pens 2 mg of the active ingredient per 1.5 millilitres. This pen includes 8 doses of 0.25 mg.