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Ozempic for weight loss: sharing my experience!



New member
Jun 27, 2022
Hi! My name is Kaitlin and I used Ozempic for weight loss. Started injecting Ozempic 6 weeks ago, the first dose 0.25, the rest 5 by 0.5. The initial weight was 67 kg, at the moment 58. That is, in 6 weeks I dropped 9 kg. Of course, this is a great result; I am pleased with it. But it was not easy. My side effects were strong, especially in the first 3 weeks. The most unpleasant are nausea and weakness. I definitely didn’t feel the waves of extra energy I read about in many reviews. Also, sometimes there was tachycardia, but as I noticed, it was always after alcohol; only recently I found out Ozempic isn't compatible with alcohol. My appetite disappeared on the first day of the injection. There is really no craving for food; you can feel full after a handful of porridge. Now there are side effects, but they are not so bright. I will lose weight further. It is necessary to lose another 4-5 kg. Of course, they (last kg) go away not so fast. In general, I am very pleased. I began on the recommendation of the doctor; there is no diabetes. Just could not refuse to eat and, for many years, could not lose weight. Its price is justified, as you don't buy food and save more money in the end. I only started my way here, but I already like this ozempic weight loss forum. I can’t wait to make friends. Looking forward to your questions.