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Ozempic for weight loss. My progress so far



New member
Jun 29, 2022
So here is my view of Ozempic pros and cons. When I first began taking Ozempic on May 6, 2022, my weight was 185. I began with a low dosage and worked my way up to one milligram throughout the course of the month. As of right now, I weigh 157 pounds. Overall, I’m satisfied with the numbers, but there were many efforts behind it. It’s definitely not just Ozempic’s merit. First of all, I gave up junk food. No more cakes, chips, and my favourite fat stakes. I ate a lot of vegetables, boiled chicken, and rice. So I consumed around 1300 calories per day. In addition to having a job in retail (where I am on my feet the whole day), I work out for at least an hour 5-6 days per week. I tried to do different things not to get bored. I went to the pool, worked out at home watching different youtube programs, exercised with a jump rope, etc. My advice is that you should only take Ozempic as a tool to assist you in changing the unhealthy lifestyle. It is NOT a weight reduction medicine that works miracles, but it is a helpful tool. I mention it because I’ve read too many Ozempic weight loss stories where people say the drug is just a magic pill. I don’t share this opinion. I have not noticed any adverse effects from taking this medication, except for some moderate sleeplessness and discomfort that occurred in the first few weeks. Usually, I felt irritated only when I went too long without eating.