Ozempic for prediabetes: why isn't it working?



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Oct 17, 2022
Hi, everyone. I'll start right away with the main thing, no more introductions. As a result of my excessive weight, I am at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, I have too much excess weight, and diet along with the sport won't help me.
When I asked my doctor about bariatric surgery, she instead prescribed me saxenda and diabetic medicine ozempic. She said I should try both and see what suits me best.
I've used saxenda for a total of 4 weeks, and after taking almost the maximum recommended dose, I still feel nothing. Nothing at all, not even sick, no side effects. As previously, I had a healthy appetite. And that drug is supposed to suppress my appetite. Isn't it?
Then I switched from saxenda to ozempic.

Zero impact after week one of 0.25
0.5 - no change after two weeks
With the doctor's blessing, I went 1.0 this week tree.

Is it typical that none of these medications has stimulated my hunger pangs? Is it premature to write off the ozempic? Perhaps someone here has felt the late effects of ozempic for prediabetes. If at all possible, I'd want to put off surgery. I'm looking forward to reading some upbeat content. Thanks in advance.