Ozempic for diabetes. Just starting my journey.



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Jun 29, 2022
A little over a month has passed since my diagnosis of diabetes type 2 was confirmed. My doctor prescribed metformin to be taken twice daily. My second appointment with my new primary care physician revealed that she intends to start giving me Ozempic for diabetes too. She claims that it will assist me in weight reduction. I don't know anything about this particular medication. Still, I do know that despite a long and potentially alarming list of side effects, this category of drugs is quite popular nowadays. But in many cases, metformin on its alone is not sufficient, even if you are appropriately restricting your food and doing sports. I have a hard time controlling my blood glucose since I like eating, and most of the meals available nowadays are high in sugar and carbs. Unfortunately, I can't restrain myself and give in to the temptation to eat sweets and fatty foods. So I guess I'll follow my doctor's advice and rely on the Ozempic's appetite suppressive effect. However, I have some doubts. That’s why I write here. Who has attempted to do this too? Is diabetic medicine Ozempic effective together with metformin? Do you have any recommendations or feedback?