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Ozempic dosage: Can I stay on 0,5 mg and achieve my goal?



New member
Jul 4, 2022
I was in pre-diabetes for a long time, but six months ago, I got sick. I have a sitting job, and I hardly move all day. Made the situation worse by the fact that I love to eat. Every time I took a test, the doctor told me to follow a diet. But I did not pay attention to the warnings. And here is the result. I hope everyone who reads this doesn’t repeat my mistake.

A month ago, I was prescribed Ozempic 0.25 mg to normalise my blood sugar and weight loss. During the first week after the first injection, I felt my appetite slipping away. What I used to think was delicious made me sick. Now I can only eat vegetables, fruits, porridge and other healthy foods. In the first two weeks, I lost 4 kilograms. I then switched to 0.5 mg.

This Ozempic dosing turned out to be more aggressive. After a dose change, I felt almost all the described side effects - from nausea to insomnia. But despite the unpleasant effects, the drug lowered my sugar level, and I lost another 5 kilograms. Minus 9 kilograms per month!! Incredible. The doctor wants me to switch to 1 mg, but I wouldn’t want to subject my body to such trials. I barely survived the side effects of a dose of 0.5 mg. Can I stay on 1 mg and achieve my goal? Is it possible theoretically, or is this dose really too small to succeed?


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
You know how they say Vivaline... until you try, you don't know. You worry in advance. Of course, I understand your fears about the Ozempic dose. Been there. But if the doctor advised your dose to be higher, there are obviously reasons for it. Try, and things will be already clear. If the body's reaction is very bad, you can always give up this idea. Tell your doctor about your experiences. He's the only one with all your data and analysis, and he can really understand you 100%. Perhaps in your particular case, it will work to continue the treatment on the old dosage. But neither I nor anyone else online knows it.