Ozempic as appetite suppressant: my observations



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Jul 4, 2022
As far as I know, all Ozempic success stories should start with numbers. Here are my before and after. When I began taking Ozempic on April 5, I was 253 pounds; I now weigh 220 pounds. When I first began, I made a significant adjustment to my diet. I stopped drinking coffee and eating sweets and increased portion control and calorie counting. SO I can tell Ozempic appetite suppressant does its job really excellent. Without it, I won’t be able to control myself. Since I began going to the gym, my weight began melting before my eyes. Not only do workouts feel amazing, but they also increase my motivation to continue eating healthily and following my weight loss plan.

In the last several months, I experienced a relapse that lasted for about two weeks, during which I began drinking coffee again and eating junk food like ice cream and other sweets. I didn't go to the gym either since I couldn't find the time. I was not successful in regaining any of the weight that I had lost, but neither did I lose any more. I was able to get my life back on track, and I am now losing weight again. This situation is very revealing. And my conclusion is as follows. Diet and exercise unquestionably contribute to the increased efficacy of this med.