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Ozempic and fatty foods and carbs. Can they be taken together?



New member
Jul 4, 2022
Hey. I’m only about to start my treatment. My doc said I need to lose extra kg to avoid diabetes. I’ve already ordered my Ozempic supply and read many reviews on different forums. There is one question that concerns me. It is about food. As far as I understood, the primary drug’s effect is killing appetite to 0 levels. It sounds really nice for weight loss. But what about general health? Starving isn’t an excellent idea for metabolism and the whole system.

Should I develop a special diet to maintain my body in a normal state? Many recommend combining Ozempic and a low-carb diet. But again, how? If you eat rarely, it would be wiser to eat some carbs just to feel energy because carbs= energy. I understand when people say to limit calorie intake to 1000 – 1200. But carbs taboo? Sounds irrational. I should mention that I have about 15 extra kg. It’s a relatively small figure. And I do like sweets; I’m sure carbs are necessary for well-being and regular digestion. The same goes for Ozempic and fatty foods. I don’t see why the drug and such food are incompatible. I’m worried that too strict diets can do more harm than good.

Can someone please clarify to me why diet is still essential on Ozempic? Why can’t you eat the same things just in small amounts? Thank you in advance.


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Thank you Marinheart for posting your question. Nobody expects you to starve. It’s really bad, you are right. But the thing is, when you are on Ozempic, you physically can’t consume sweets and fatty foods. You either will feel sick afterwards or just won’t be able to swallow it. No jokes. If you want to eat carbs so bad, go ahead.

Now the second part of my answer. The reason why people suggest dieting is as follows. Ozempic is just an apetite suppressor. It won’t burn fat. Does ozempic speed up metabolism? Big no. So diets and sports are popular, widespread tools to achieve the mentioned goals. If you have your own ideas, good luck. Didn’t mean to sound rude; just saying what I had in mind. I hope I have clarified the main things for you.