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My Ozempic blog: a new beginning


Dora M

New member
Jun 29, 2022
I’ve only been on this drug for a week, and it’s too early to write about any outstanding Ozempic weight loss results. But still, I am eager to write the first of my Ozempic reviews. During these 7 days, I managed to achieve what I thought was impossible. The main reason for my weight gain was my intense hunger. After work, I was always hungry as a wolf and ate the first thing I got my hands on. Most often, something very fat and unhealthy - chicken wings or burgers with fries. Nothing but the fattest food could satisfy my hunger. The results of such a diet did not take long. I gained a lot of weight. A week ago, I weighed 130 kg (my height is 175 centimetres). My willpower was too little to handle the terrible hunger, so I went to the doctor. After a series of tests, it turned out that I have a pre-diabetes condition and need to lose weight. I was prescribed Ozempic for weight loss. I felt a change in my appetite from day one. I didn’t want to eat every three hours. Instead, I forced myself to eat at least twice a day. Besides, I could choose food with my head, not my stomach. I only choose healthy, healthy food. I still don’t see noticeable changes in the mirror, but I feel much better!