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Is Ozempic helpful only for diabetics?



New member
Jun 24, 2022
I was recently prescribed this medication and read the information about it. And I was confused. I will explain the reason. I do not have diabetes. Most professionals think of ozempic as diabetes medication. I have also seen reports that some patients are talking about this drug no less than "ozempic pre diabetes." In other words, it seems to be a drug ONLY for diabetics or people on the verge of the disease. And at the same time, it is ALMOST ALWAYS USED for weight loss. It seems that 80% of all reviews are about weight loss. I cannot understand why the drug is prescribed to anyone who wants to lose weight? Who can prescribe ozempic for weight loss? After all, diabetes is not always a cause of obesity. People often just overeat ( like me), move too little, or eat because of stress. And therefore suffer from obesity. Diabetes has absolutely nothing to do with mentioned things. And this drug is only for diabetics. Or is it not? Is this drug suitable for people who do not suffer from diabetes? I will thank you for your opinions and arguments. I would like to understand this issue. Thank you in advance.


New member
Jan 14, 2023
Yes ozempic works for loosing weight. The medication fills receptors that tell the brain that "you are full & stop eating" it will also hold food in you longer and will interrupt bowel movements.

Adding some walking or bike riding will help. As will eating mostly vegetables and protein while avoiding carbs will help also. If you are a breakfast person oatmeal or whole grains are harder to digest and take longer to digest so you will eat less of them, and their energy will carry you longer.

Finding something active that you enjoy & maybe finding someone to do that with consistently will also help. When I take ozempic I have to force myself to eat once a day and have been known to not eat for a couple of days. Which makes it hard to take my other medications.