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Is Ozempic available in Canada?



New member
Jun 29, 2022
Is Ozempic available in Canada? I’ve read dozens of pages of forums, but I haven’t found a definite answer. Probably, I just don’t know where to look. There are a lot of offers from suspicious dealers who assure that the meds are excellent. But there is no evidence of this. I don’t want to suffer terrible side effects because the quality of the drug leaves much to be desired. I want to find a responsible official supplier in my country. Perhaps you know how not to fall for fraudsters' tricks and buy quality medicine? Thanks in advance for any tips. Another reason I don’t trust the salesmen I’ve found is exorbitant prices. I don’t believe that the drug is so expensive in other countries. If you have ever bought a drug, tell me what is Ozempic cost in Canada. A few words about my expectations. I’m ready to pay no more than C$ 1000. Though, probably my insurance will cover part of the cost. Then I will be able to afford the higher price. I really hope to find the answer here. It seems many people are familiar with this topic here. I read other threads and found the info I couldn’t find on other forums. So I dared to ask my question here. Can’t wait for your advice.