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Is Ozempic available in Canada without a prescription?


Olivia Bird

New member
Jul 4, 2022
Hey everyone! I’ll go straight to the business. I can’t buy ozempic in a Canadian pharmacy cause I can’t get a prescription for now. Never thought I’ll be in such a situation, but it’s life, and you never know.

I take Ozempic for weight loss, but it also helps me prevent a diabetic condition. If I don’t take ozempic for too long, I’m risking going from prediabetes to diabetes. I got it some time ago, but now my doc is unavailable, and I can’t wait. I won’t write about my doctor’s private issues and their reasons. I just need the drug as soon as possible. Is ozempic available in Canada? Are there some places I can get the drug without any medical documents? Of course, I don’t need cheap fakes, only original quality drugs, please!

I’ve done my homework and googled a bit. There are a few findings that might work. But I decided to reinsure and ask experienced users. I’ve read a few threads and found helpful pieces of advice on my other concerns. So I hope someone here will help me to find a reliable seller in Canada. I’m ok with ordering meds abroad if there are no such sellers in Canada.