Is ozempic approved for weight loss?



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Jun 27, 2022
Hey, everybody. I’ll tell you right now that I don’t have diabetes, but my body mass index is on the verge of normal. I weigh 72 kilograms at a five-foot height. High cholesterol and sugar. I can’t say that I feel too bad. But walking long distances is difficult for me. The doctor looked at my tests and prescribed ozempic for weight loss. I have been given the smallest dose so that the body is accustomed. I haven’t eaten since 6:00 and 10:00 in a few weeks, keeping the interval between dinner and breakfast. Also, I gave up pastry, but it is difficult to eliminate sweets from the diet. The doctor said that ozempic is needed just for this. The medication should significantly reduce my appetite and kill my desire to eat cakes or chocolates. For curiosity, I looked at the information about ozempic class. It is quite a powerful drug with serious side effects. And I read that this drug doesn’t seem to be officially approved for obesity. It turns out it’s only for diabetics. Is this true or not? Is ozempic approved for weight loss? Isn’t the doctor taking too radical measures to treat my condition? What do you think?