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Is 2mg Ozempic available in the USA?


Olivia Bird

New member
Jul 4, 2022
Hi, everyone on Ozempic or just about to try this great drug! I've been taking it for half a year now, and so far, I feel happy with the results. Along with diet and regular workouts, I managed to shed 30 pounds on Ozempic. It sounds cool, I know. But it's not the end of my way. Unfortunately, my body got used to the drug during these 6 months, and now I need a bigger dose. So I'm coming closer to my question. Is 2mg Ozempic available in the USA?

As far as I know, The FDA approved Ozempic for a 2.0 mg dose, which was based on clinical trial data showing the higher dose led to a better A1C and weight loss. And the decision was fairly based on results from the SUSTAIN FORTE clinical trial. But at the same time, Novo only plans to roll out Ozempic 2 mg in the U.S. in 2022's second quarter. The higher-dose semaglutide injectable is already available in the EU, Canada and Switzerland.
Can someone please tell me for sure, can I find 2 mg of Ozempic in the United States and use it legally? If not, I'm ready to move to Canada hahaha.


New member
Oct 17, 2022
Hi Olivia
I think there's something you're missing here. What exactly are you referring to? Ozempic is available in the United States. Beginning in May, a dosage of 2mg was made accessible. We have already passed the second quarter of the year 2022,)). Some reputable vendors operate online. However, if you have a prescription for the medication, you can purchase it even at the drugstore. The trouble is, you could be interested in purchasing it at a reduced price. Consequently, the best option is to get it from an internet vendor that has a solid reputation. But, if we're being serious, there's no use in purchasing it in Australia or relocating to Canada for that reason.
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