How to store Ozempic. Bought too many pens at once, and now I’m afraid that they will go bad



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Jul 4, 2022
Hi, everyone. I’m an absolute beginner, so I apologize in advance if my questions seem stupid to anyone. I have a long treatment for obesity and type two diabetes ahead. I am by nature a responsible person, so I decided to immediately buy everything necessary, everything that the doctor advised me.

However, I did not take care of the main thing: I did not know how to store the medicine. Now I’m afraid that I bought everything in advance for nothing.

Does ozempic have to be refrigerated? It seems so. I read about it. But I don’t know the exact temperature. If you don’t mind telling me how to store the drug, please do it. I need an ozempic storage guide. Are rules the same for opened and unopened boxes? I should mention that it’s usually rather warm at my place. If so, should I take the drug out of the fridge only for injections and put it back at once? I’m afraid I have already made a mistake because I left my Ozempic on the shelf at room temperature for a week. Does it mean I should throw it all in the rubbish? Thanks in advance for your attention and answers.