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How do you cope with stress?



New member
Jun 24, 2022
Omg. Never thought the weight loss process would be so stressful. In addition to being uncomfortable with my body, my head swarms with thousands of thoughts. Sometimes these experiences hurt more than physical discomfort and pain. At first, I was worried about the side effects. Then I was worried about how soon the drug would take effect. Now I’m worried, and I blame myself for not doing enough. I do not always have time to practice yoga or do workouts and sometimes allow myself to eat sweets. Lately, I have only walked and done simple aerobics at home. Most of the time, instead of training, I just lie around the TV and watch the show, justifying myself by being tired at work. I also don’t know if I’ll be able to afford this medication in the future if I have to continue injecting for more than six months. I know what drug tier is ozempic. It has a modest cost compared to many other drugs. But this price will have a punitive effect on me if I am treated too long. By the way, does medicare pay for ozempic? Perhaps in time, it is worth moving to cheaper counterparts? Has anyone had this experience? How do you deal with stress? Share your effective recipes. I will be grateful for your advice.