How do people afford Ozempic in the United States?



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Jul 4, 2022
My weight just passed 100 kilograms at six inches. I’ve been seeing a doctor for a long time because of my overweight and prediabetes. As it turned out, traditional methods such as diets and exercise help me very little. In three months, I managed to lose only 5 kilograms. This rate is too slow for me. The doctor is afraid that if I don’t lose weight faster, I won’t be able to avoid type 2 diabetes. So he wants to prescribe me Ozempic for weight loss. I have already learned a lot about this drug. I am ready for side effects to achieve the ultimate goal. I have also especially learned to give injections. Basically, I’m fine with everything except for one thing. I mean Ozempic price in the USA. Seriously, how do people afford Ozempic in the USA? Its price is over $700 a month if you buy it at pharmacies. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t cover this drug. But I need it and don’t know what to do. I’ve heard the price isn’t that high in other countries. Why is it so? To make up for the rest of the world obtaining it cheaper? I’m sorry, but sometimes it seems so. I really hope there are some patient assistance programs. If you know a reliable one, please share!