Higher dose of Ozempic. Worries about consequences



New member
Jun 29, 2022
My treatment with a 1mg Ozempic dose started a month ago. The initial weight is 100 kg at 170 centimetres. The figure is huge. I gained weight because of depression and the habit of eating more after feeling stressed. I moved from my home country abroad to study. But I couldn’t adapt to the new environment. The loneliness depressed me. The only joy was the food. The situation was aggravated by the fact that I do not like to do sports. In the end, I gained 30 kilos!! I’ve never had such a weight problem and felt completely lost. I knew that no diet would help with such an enormous weight, and I couldn’t give up food with my willpower alone. I found the strength to see a doctor. Treatment began with minimal Ozempic dosage. But quite quickly ( after two weeks), I switched to a dose of 1mg. I see results, but the weight leaves me slowly. However, I have almost no side effects other than a dry mouth. My doctor recommended that I double my previous dose of Ozempic, which was 1 milligram. I have to admit that the prospect of increasing the dose is a bit unsettling for me. I worry about possible side effects. I would be grateful if anybody who has started taking the Ozempic 2 mg dosage could share their experiences with the adverse effects.