Does Ozempic speed up metabolism? How does it all work?



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Jul 4, 2022
Hi everybody!
Like many women, I got a lot of weight after giving birth. My weight reached 85 kilograms (my height is 167 centimetres). I tried to drop weight on my own but did not succeed. Diets did not give results, and a constant sense of hunger tormented me. Thank God I got an appointment with an expert.
The doctor performed several tests and explained why I gained weight and why diets do not work. The solution he sees is Ozempic. I start with a dose of 0.25. I was told it was just a test. The doctor needs to see how my body perceives the drug. But I did not have time to ask the doctor about everything that interested me. It’s too long time to wait before the next appointment, so I decided to ask knowledgeable people here. I hope I can find the answers.
Does Ozempic speed up metabolism?
As far as I understand, the drug positively affects metabolism. That’s why the person is losing weight. Or am I wrong? And one more question. Can I combine Ozempic and fasting? Diets, for me, are always very difficult. I can eat as usual or not eat at all. So I much more easily tolerate intermittent fasting. Is it possible to use this method of weight loss while taking Ozempic?
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