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Can 1mg Ozempic pen contain five doses?



New member
Oct 17, 2022
Hi everyone! I’m new on Ozempic, using it both for type 2 diabetes and weight loss. Next week I will get my fifth injection, and my question is connected to that fact directly.

Actually, I joined the forum especially to ask this question about the Ozempic dosing. I know that Ozempic 1mg pen is typically intended for the administration of four dosages, and it is equipped with a total of four cannulas.

Is it possible that the pen provides at least one more dosage (the fifth)? Because it seems so to me after I used it a few times. After the fourth dose, the viewing window on my pen only reveals half of each of the pistons inside the device. It seems not logical, but I think there still is a med inside. Does it mean that I do something wrong? Or not? I have some doubts because it’s my first experience giving injections. If it’s a normal situation, should I buy needles on my own and use the rest of the drug in the same pen?

Who has attempted to use a pen for the fifth dose? Will it work?


Staff member
Jun 21, 2022
Hi @Morningstar ! I’ve already heard such a question a few times before. Sometimes it happens. But all official sources indicate that a 1mg Ozempic pen has only 4 doses of medicine. The contents should be enough for a month. If a small amount of Ozempic remains inside, it is not that bad. Otherwise, you should consider whether you are injecting correctly. Ask your doctor to give you additional instructions and perhaps show you how to administer the drug correctly.

Have a nice day!