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Bydureon vs. ozempic



New member
Jun 29, 2022
Hello people! ;) I can briefly name my question Bydureon vs. ozempic. I have diabetes type two and a body mass index 30. The doctor prescribed me Bydureon. But I’m not very happy with his choice. As far as I know, this drug has many more serious side effects. In addition, With Ozempic, injections are only required once weekly, making it more convenient than Bydureon. In contrast, Ozempic is an analogue of a chemical present in the human body, whereas Bydureon is an analogue of a peptide discovered in rare lizard saliva. Several cases have been filed against Bydureon, but none have been filed against Ozempic thus far. The conclusions are obvious. I have no idea why the doctor chose the drug worse. I want to change the prescription. The only argument in favour of Bydureon - it is compatible with my sleeping pills. But about Ozempic, I am not sure. What drugs should not be taken with ozempic? Is there any Zoplidem on this list? Even so, I am ready to change sleeping pills to be compatible with Ozempic. How do you feel about Bydureon? Perhaps some people here have used both drugs? Which one is better? Your experience would be very useful to me!!